Chamaedorea Elegans 'Parlour Palm'

Pot Size: 17cm

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Another Palm, another reference to the Victorians. They couldn’t get enough of palms that were found and taken from around the world to be used as signs of wealth. This one was so revered that it named after the the most important room of the house, the Parlour.

It’s still a favoured now and it’s clear why when you look at the elegant stems that shoot up individually and proud from the soil. It’s a relatively low maintenance housemate and on more mature plants, small yellow flowers will bloom if it’s getting enough light, even if it takes a decade to get there.


Commonly known as: Parlour palm, Neanthe Bella palm, Good luck palm

Horticultural Name: Chamaedorea Elegans

Origin: Southern Mexico and Guatemala


Pot Size: 15cm

Current Height: 60cm

Ultimate Height: 120cm

Light: Medium intensity / Indirect Low Light / Indirect Light.

Watering: Every 7-10 Days. Keep soil moist, never soaking. Likes Humidity so mist once a week to keep the leaves healthy.

Additional Info: Air Purifying, Non Toxic.

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