Hedera - Ivy (130cm)

size: 100cm

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Trailing Ivy is one of the most common plants all over the world and you’d struggle to find a plant lover (or anyone else) who hasn’t come across it in a garden/indoors. It’s very hardy and is perfect for beginners .

Offering instant impact with its trailing stems that are laced with rich green, slightly ruffled leaves, this easy to grow evergreen will look great when hung from the ceiling and left to cascade.


Commonly known as: Hedera Ivy, English Ivy, Trailing Ivy

Horticultural Name: Hedera helix

Origin: Native to several continents including Europe, Asia, North-western Africa.


Pot Size(s): 15cm

Current Length: 130cm

Ultimate Length: 8 – 12m

Light: A very easy-going plant, Ivy will survive in most light conditions, from shady to bright. Particularly loves indirect but bright sunlight.

Watering: Likes having moist soil but not soggy, so water when the top layer of soil is dry. Used to misty/wet conditions (like the UK), so regularly misting will help.

Temperature: Can survive temperatures between 10-35°C but prefers 15-18°C.

Additional Info: Air Purifying, Toxic when ingested.

Evergreen: Yes

Fits Pot Size: 16cm+