Sedum Burro's Tail

Pot Size: 15cm

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You will sometimes find the Sedum Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum) advertised as a cactus, though it is really a succulent. Although all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti. Though different in name, both have similar requirements such as gritty soil, good drainage, sunshine and protection from extreme cold temperatures.


Commonly known as: Donkey’s tail, Burro’s tail

Horticultural Name: Sedum morganianum

Origin: Southern Mexico and Honduras


Nursery Pot Size(s):  12cm, 15cm

Current Length: Approx 15cm/20cm

Ultimate Length: 1.4m

Light: Best suited to partial sun or bright shade. Likes being on a balcony, in a sunny window, or on a patio, where it receives enough sunlight. Give your striking donkey’s tail bright light indoors during spring; it will help promote blooming.

Watering: Keep it in well-drained soil, it needs a considerable amount of water to keep the leaves attractive and plump, soak its soil thoroughly and do not water it again until the topsoil dries out. If you give it too much water it will rot, once a month or so if necessary.

Temperature: Will do fine in average house temperatures but does enjoy a bit of morning sunlight.

Additional Info: Provide even moisture and fertilize with cactus food during the growing season.