Dalefoot Wool Compost 'For Vegetables and Salads' (30L)

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Made from bracken and sheep wool that Dalefoot source from the Cumbrian fells, this compost providesthe perfect nutrient balance for growing vegetables, salads and fruits . It’s also soil association approved, so anything you grow in it will be classed as organic.

Added Comfrey supplies high levels of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen which are perfect for producing large healthy plants. Sheep’s wool gives the compost a slow releasing source of nitrogen and is also naturally great at water retention, which means less watering! (You can thank them later).

  • 12 months feed

  • 50% less watering

  • Peat-free

  • Approved for organic growing

Based in the Lake District, Dalefoot are devoted to creating sustainable, organic and peat-free composts from renewable sources. Their products often perform better than the high street brands and they actively work to help restore mined peat bogs. What’s not to like?