Garden Plants

Throughout the year we stock a range of plants at our garden centre that can provide both year-round interest and seasonal colour. Our plant buyers, who have a combined experience of over 60 years, select from a range of both British and EU growers to ensure that we only have the highest quality plants here at Wood Street. 

You can usually find in stock at our garden centre: 

  • Bedding plants

  • A large selection of kitchen herbs

  • A variety of trees including Bay, Olive, Acer, fruit etc. 

  • Shrubs for year round cover and screening

  • Ornamental grasses

  • Herbaceous perennials

  • Seasonal vegetable seedlings

Aside from these recurring features, we often have an ever changing stock of specialist, rare and tropical specimens as and when they become available to us. 

Customers are also always welcome to suggest or ask for specific plants to be ordered in.

Just send us over an email to and we'll try our best.