Adiantum 'Maidenhair Fern'


With it’s black stems and soft appearance, there’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular indoor ferns. It’s name is derived from ancient Greek word ‘adiantos’, effectively meaning ‘does not get wet’. When you mist/water your fern you’ll see why, as the water simply falls straight off of the leaves. It’s great to put somewhere at eye level, as the many layers provide perfect visuals for a daydream.


Commonly known as: Adiantum, Walking fern, maidenhair fern or Venus fern.

Other names: Adiantum raddianum.

Origin: Tropical parts of South America, particularly in Brazil and Venezuela.


Pot Size(s): 12cm, 17cm.

Current Height: 25cm, 35cm.

Ultimate Height: 30-50cm. Slow growing.

Light: Best in light shade or soft sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight as their leaves will brown.

Watering: Ferns enjoy moist conditions so keep the soil just under ‘fully moistened’ and regularly mist.

Temperature: Happy in average indoor temperatures of 16-25ºC. Likes humidity so ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Additional Info: Remove any damaged fronds immediately. If your plant has dried out, cut back to about 1cm and leave in a warm, humid environment to regenerate new growth.

Evergreen: Yes.

Fits Pot Size: 20cm+

Decorative pot sold separately.