Aeschynanthus Pulcher 'Lipstick Plant'


The ‘Lipstick Plant’ gets it’s moniker from the red flowers that bloom from the main body of dark green leaves. Though it’s botanical name comes from the Greek contractions of ‘to be ashamed’ and ‘flower’, meaning that it’s effectively a ‘shameful flower’, we don’t think it has anything to be ashamed of. When cared for properly, these flowers will brighten up any home/indoor jungle.

It’s a trailing plant so perfect for baskets or within a pot on a shelf. It’s used to the tropical rain forest so humid environments will work best, you could even try it out in the bathroom.


Commonly known as: Mona Lisa, Lipstick Plant, Red Bugle Vine

Horticultural Name: Aeschynanthus Pulcher

Origin: Malaysia and Indonesia.


Pot Size(s): 14cm

Current Length: 40/45cm

Ultimate Length: 50 - 100cm

Light: Prefers spots with indirect sunlight and occasional shade, such as rooms that get morning/evening sunlight. Can tolerate shade if left slightly drier.

Watering: Water sparingly over winter, increasing the frequency over spring/summer. Always make sure that the soil is dry before watering to reduce the chance of root rot. Mist regularly.

Temperature: Thrives within the 15-29 ºC range but can go as low as 13 ºC for short periods of time.

Additional Info: Pet-safe. If leave begin to yellow, it probably needs more light.

Evergreen: Yes

Fits Pot Size: 14cm+

Pot and Macrame sold separately.