Alocasia Polly


A popular houseplant since the 1950s, the Alocasia Polly is a hybrid of the Alocasia longiloba and Alocasia sanderiana. It thrives in tropical environments, so is perfect for bathrooms or wherever there’s a constant temperature. Recognisable due to it’s unique and alien looking leaves, it’s a stalwart in the houseplant community and a best seller.


Commonly known as: Amazonian Elephant's Ear, African Mask and The Amazon Taro.

Horticultural Name: Alocasia Amazonica

Origin: Southeast Asia


Nursery Pot Size(s): 17cm

Current Height(s): 45cm

Ultimate Height: Up to 60cm

Light: Medium to Bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch their leaves.

Watering: Weekly watering sessions and frequent misting, keeping their soil moist but not wet. Less in winter. Not drought tolerant.

Temperature: Will thrive in temperatures ranging from 18-25ºC. Avoid abrupt temperature changes and cold drafts, so don’t put them near open windows

Additional Info: Air Purifying. Can lose leaves in winter when it enters its dormancy.

Pictured in a Stratton Tapered Pot, not included