Alocasia portodora (100cm)


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If you're looking to bring some tropical/ exotic vibes into your home then look no further. The upright elephant ear is one of the best Alocasia to have purely because their leaves will always be pointing to the sky, unlike their relatives. 

Coming from the jungles of South East Asia, they'll appreciate being in humid rooms like near a steamy shower or in a kitchen, even if only for a few days as a pick me up.


Commonly known as: Upright elephant ear

Horticultural Name: Alocasia portodora

Origin: South-East Asia


Pot Size(s): 21cm

Current Height: 110cm

Ultimate Height: up to 2m in the ideal indoor conditions.

Light: They love brightest light they can get, but not direct sun in the summer as it'll scorch the leaves. 

Watering: Try to keep the soil moist but never soggy, checking it once a week.

Temperature: Usual UK home temperatures are ok, but keep it away from heat sources and drafts.

Additional Info: They can lose leaves if it gets too cold in the winter, though they will grow back.

Pet Safe? Unfortunately not