Areca Palm - Several Sizes


The Areca Palm is one of the best air purifying plants, a claim which is heavily backed by NASA research. This has definitely caused it to become a stand out figure among other palms, not to mention its elegant stems and almost golden spread of leaves.

Once an endangered species, they’ve risen to become a popular plant for bright rooms. Don’t let the hardy aesthetic fool you, they won’t tolerate neglect, be careful to treat them correctly to get the best growth.


Commonly known as: Areca Palm, butterfly palm, golden cane palm, yellow palm, Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

Horticultural name: Dypsis lutescens

Origin: Madagascar/South India


Light: Enjoys bright, indirect light. Perfect for bright rooms but leaves will turn brown in direct sunlight.

Watering: Like other palms, they won’t tolerate over watering or being water logged. Ensure that the soil is slightly dried before watering.

Temperature: Between 16 - 24°C (average room temperatures) is ideal. It will start to die at temperatures lower than 13°C.

Additional Info: Great at removing toxins and increasing Oxygen in the air.

Pet Safe: Yes!