Beginner's Bundle - Save Over 15%!

£33.87 £39.87

If you’re just getting into houseplants or think that you kill everything you take home, we recommend you give this bundle a go!

We’ve selected the hardiest but best looking plants in our store.

Everything included in this bundle will help improve air quality, especially the Snake Plant, which ranked highly in NASA’s houseplant study.

The bundle includes:

  • Areca Palm - 14cm Pot, 55cm height.

  • Ficus ‘Rubber Plant’ - 12cm pot, 35cm height pot size may change

  • Snake Plant - 12cm pot, 35cm height

  • Scindapsis - 12cm pot, 15cm height

  • Aloe Vera - 10cm pot, 40cm height

Unfortunately the plants included in this bundle, excluding the Areca Palm, are not pet safe.

RRP £39.87 buy now for £33.87 and save over 15%