Aspidistra 'Cast Iron Plant'


One of the oldest houseplants on the market. The Victorians loved putting them in hallways as a sign of luxury/exotic taste and they were such as staple that George Orwell named his novel ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’ after them as a reference to keeping pride.

More recently considered a bit old-fashioned, they’re making a come back and are perfect for those just getting into the world of indoor plants. The nickname ‘Cast Iron’ plant didn’t come from nowhere, they notoriously tolerate most conditions, just not consistent direct sunlight.


Commonly known as: Cast iron plant, Bar room plant, Aspidistra

Horticultural Name: Aspidistra Elatior

Origin: South East/Eastern Asia, notably Vietnam and China


Nursery Pot Size(s): 17cm

Current Length: Approx 60cm

Ultimate Height: Up to 1m

Light: Will survive in almost any light conditions as it’s used to growing under shady trees. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to brown.

Watering: Can tolerate intermittent watering periods, but keep an eye out and if the top inch or or two is dry, give it a light watering. Will benefit from regularly misting to keep leaves healthy and imitate humidity.

Temperature: They’re quite hardy when it comes to temperature and anywhere between 7°C - 29°C will be fine with the correct care.

Additional Info: Pet safe and a great air purifier.

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