Elho Vibes Fold Round - White


Elho have gone all pastel on their vibes range in an effort to match the 'cozy but trendy vibe' of modern homes at a low price and with a focus on sustainability. 

The different sizes and colours match perfectly, so if you have a few different plants that need re-housing, this is the range for you. 

They're also made from recycled plastic and produced with wind energy produced by Elho's own windmill in Belgium. 

We've found them to be easy to clean and sturdy, which is probably why Elho offer a 3 year warranty.


⌀ 7 x h 7 cm

⌀ 11 x h 11 cm

⌀ 14 x h 13 cm

⌀ 16 x h 15 cm

⌀ 18 x h 17 cm