Ficus Lyrata Tree (170cm)

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The Ficus Lyrata started to be called the ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’ after comparisons were made between it’s large, veiny leaves and the shape of a fiddle (violin). Like anyone that stands up and plays a violin in a living room, it will attract a lot of attention. The tree version which is on offer here can grow over 6 feet tall and have leaves as long as 30cm.

It’s an incredibly popular houseplant at the moment and looks great when paired with a fancy pot like we’ve done. One thing to keep in mind is that they are a bit fussy and do not like to be moved around frequently, so let this creature of comfort lie.


Commonly known as: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Banjo Fig

Horticultural Name: Ficus Lyrata

Origin: West African Rainforests.



Light: A position with a good supply of bright light is perfect for this one, but not in direct sunlight as this will hurt the leaves. Think sunny room, away from a window.

Watering: The usual ‘water-if-dry’ route is best for this one. Check the top layers soil regularly and moisten if necessary. Cut down on watering in the winter. A regular mist will also create a fake humidity and keep those leaves healthy.

Temperature: It will be ok in normal UK household temperatures but keep away from cold drafts.

Additional Info: Toxic if ingested by pets and humans. They’re a slow grower so don’t be worried if you see little improvement over the years.