Gro-Sure Visroot Windowsill Propagator

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Winner of the Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association (GIMA) award for Growing Planting Equipment. 

Without a greenhouse but still want to sow your own seeds this year? This nifty little windowsill propagator is the way to go. 

Made from widely recyclable translucent/clear plastic and split into 5 x 4 trays, it's designed to disturb your seedlings as little as possible when you need to check on their
growth. Just lift and have a look through the side.

Just because they can be recycled doesn't mean that they're meant for single use. The cells, lid and drip tray should last year after year before you need to actually stick them in the recycling bin.

Give it a go, there's nothing more satisfactory than growing from seed. 

(Soil/seeds sold separately).