Kentia Palm (2m)


This hardy plant is also known as the Thatch Palm, as it was used on Lord Howe Island off of Australia as the thatching for roofs. It was a favorite among the Victorians as a status indicator and it’s still a best seller now.

It needs some sunlight and watering but not too much, a light misting and a bright room will help it to thrive. It’ll also grow very slowly, but this is just an indicator of longevity, it’ll be with you for the long run.


Commonly known as: Kentia palm, Thatch palm, Paradise palm plant, Sentry Palm

Horticultural Name: Howea forsteriana

Origin: Lord Howe Island off of the southeastern coast of Australia


Pot Size(s): 26cm

Light: Prefers spaces with a lot of indirect sunlight. Leaves will be scorched if left in direct sunlight so try to avoid any spaces in front of windows.

Watering: Water about once a week and if the top two inches of the soil are dry. Will also thrive if misted a few times a week.

Temperature: 16-24°c is perfect, but try not to let the temperature get any lower than 12°c as this will begin to damage the plant.

Additional Info: Air Purifying, Child/Pet safe and quite resilient.