Yucca Plant (180cm)


This one is a modern classic. From the 1960s and throughout the 1980s Yucca plants were a common sight in living rooms and now, like everything else with a vintage feel, they’re coming back into fashion.

It’s a great ornamental plant for corners and rooms that receive a lot of light throughout the day as they’re used to desert climates. They can be left outside during the warmer summer months and brought into conservatories during the colder ones.

Keep it in a well-draining soil, it doesn’t have to be the best quality and can be mixed partly with sand, as long as it is strong enough to hold the plant upright.


Commonly known as: Yucca Plant, Potted Yucca, Spineless Yucca

Horticultural Name: Yucca Elephantipes

Origin: Southern United States, South America and the Caribbean



Ultimate Length: Between 1 and 2m, dependent on environment.

Light: They grow naturally in desert-like landscapes so will react best to full, direct sunlight. Can tolerate some shade but this will slow down growth and effect leaf colouring.

Watering: Ensure that the top layer of soil is dry before watering and up to half of the soil if left in a shadier spot. Can tolerate drought, do not leave it to sit in water.

Temperature: Will not be effected by temperatures as low as 7°C but it is best to keep it between 18-25°C for the best growing conditions.

Additional Info: General advise is to keep away from animals.