Ligustrum vulgare - Root Ball Privet Hedging


No nonsense hedging that'll grow wherever you plant it. Hardy enough to take most conditions, it'll even chew up and spit out any of the London pollution its subject to in urban areas. 

These ones are ready to go straight into the ground, you don't even need to remove the bag as it will biodegrade over time. We recommend planting them 50cm apart and 5 is usually the right amount for the average 'Stow front garden.

Keep it well watered once planted and for the next year or so. After that it will have established a strong root system and should handle any accidental neglect.

Pot Size: n/a root ball

Current Height:  6ft

Ultimate Height/Spread: Can reach up to 10ft

Life Cycle: Evergreen / semi-evergreen

Position:  Full sun - shade

Soil: Any soil, though moist and well drained is always best

Flowering: Summer -  it'll produce white flowers around July