Medinilla Magnifica - 'The Rose Grape'



Commonly known as: The Rose Grape, The Showy Medinilla, The Philippine Orchid

Horticultural Name: Medinilla Magnifica

Origin: The Philippines


Nursery Pot Size(s): 14cm

Current Length: 45cm

Ultimate Height: Up to 1.2m

Light: Put this one in a bright room, out of the way of direct sunlight which will cause its leaves to brown.

Watering: Water when the soil is drying out in order to keep it moist but not soggy. A regular misting of the leaves will also promote growth.

Temperature: 18 - 25ºC is ideal like for most houseplants. They’ll survive the average UK household temperature but try to keep them away from drafts and radiators.

Pet/Child Safe: Not for pets or children this time.

Additional Info: The flowers will come back year on year so don’t be afraid when they start to die off.