Miracle-Gro Mediterranean & Citrus Compost (6L)


A premium compost from Miracle-Gro that caters specifically for Mediterranean plants. 

That could be citrus plants such as orange trees, lemon trees, palms or bougainvillea.

It has a perfect blend of aggregates and nutrients to keep any potted plants you have both well drained and stocked up with nitrogen to keep those leaves green. 

  • pH balanced to ensure plants have a long life full of flowers and fruits.
  • Contains a unique combination of 14 Vital Minerals. With Nitrogen for green, leafy growth. Phosphorus for root development. Potassium for abundant fruits and flowers and 11 other essential elements vital for maintaining plant health.
  • Fortified with iron for glossy green leaves
  • Pet & child friendly
  • Made in the UK
  • Contains peat.