Narcissus 'Paperwhite Ziva' - 8 Bulbs (XL Pack)


Traditionally forced to flower indoors in December/January and are best appreciated for their strong smell. They can also be planted outside just like other bulbs in the Autumn for flowering in March/April. 

They like sunny/ partially shaded spots when planted outside and can often be left for years without being disturbed.

If you'd prefer to grow them inside, plant them upright in bulb fibre so that the tip of the bulb is just level with the top of the fibre. Moisten and then place in a cool dark place with a temperature below 10 degrees.  Check weekly and water if dry. 

After 12 weeks, they can be moved to a warm, light place for flowering. 

Taylor's Tip: Ensure the flower bud is clear of the neck before moving into the warm.