Niwaki Rattan S-Type Secateurs (Limited Edition)


The best of the best. Say goodbye to any hand cramping or skin catching during those long hours in the garden. 

Our friends over at Niwaki have designed this special edition by combining two traditional Japanese secateur designs. The 'S Type' utilitses the clam shape blades of Type B secateurs mixed (for accurate cutting) with the heavier, curved handles of the Type A (for ergonomic grip and balance).

The handles are also wrapped in Wisteria rattan (very fancy, we know) which provides a natural finish and almost supernatural grip. 

We only have one pair of these and they're unlikely to ever come back into stock. It's a great gift for the gardener in your life, especially in the included kiribako Paulownia wood box. 

Hand-made in Sanjo, Japan by Yamakawa san, owner of Niwaki's trusted Yamagata factory.