'Heartleaf' Philodendron


It’s clear to see where the Philodendron ‘Heartleaf’ gets it’s name from. With lush looking, deep green heart shaped leaves, it’s a classic houseplant that will tolerate a number of different conditions.

It’s a fast growing ivy-style trailing plant, used to scaling trees and branches, which makes it perfect for sculpting up a moss pole. Leave it on a shelf to trail, train it go up a moss pole or place in a hanging basket for the best aesthetic results.


Commonly known as: Heartleaf Philodendron, Love tree

Horticultural Name: Philodendron Scanden

Origin: South America/Caribbean


Nursery Pot Size(s): 14cm

Current Length: 20m

Ultimate Length: up to 3m

Light: They will tolerate low light conditions, but will grow longer and produce more leaves in medium/bright indirect light.

Watering: Water only when the top layer/inch of soil is dry.

Temperature: Will tolerate normal house temperatures, don’t let it get too cold or place it near a drafty spot.

Additional Info: Toxic if ingested by humans or animals.

Evergreen: Yes