Phyllostachys nigra - ‘Black Bamboo’


A statement plant that's sought after for it's purple/black stems, this bamboo is perfect for anyone looking to add an architectural edge to their garden or create an interesting screen/hedging. Do note that the current stock is only starting to mature and turn a darker colour, so it's a great investment.

Whilst it's not as invasive as other bamboo, it's still recommended to put some restrictive measures in place, such as planting in pots or adding in a non-perishable barrier around the site.

Pot Size:  5L

Current Height:  Approx 2m

Ultimate Height/Spread: 4m / 4m

Life Cycle: Perennial, Evergreen Shrub

Position:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

Soil: Most soil types, though well drained is the best

Flowering: n/a