String Of Pearls


The String of Pearls is an exceedingly popular purchase and with it’s long stems of oval shaped leaves, it’s obvious where it’s name came from. It works perfectly as a hanging plant or trailing from a shelf to bring extra greenery into a room.

The biggest obstacle in caring for these plants is over watering, but as long as you leave the soil to dry out, everything will be ok. It comes in a plastic growing pot and sleeve, we advise planting into a larger pot and gently unraveling the stems to promote the best growth.


Commonly known as: String of Pearls

Horticultural Name: Senecio Rowleyanus

Origin: Southwestern Africa


Nursery Pot Size(s): 12cm

Current Length: 15cm

Ultimate Length: up to 1 metre

Light: Medium, indirect sunlight. Best near windows that receive morning and evening sun.

Watering: Stores water in the pearls so only leave to dry out between watering. Over watering will cause root rot.

Temperature: Survives in temperatures between 13–25ºC. Prefers warmer rooms.

Additional Info: Mildly toxic if ingested. Fertilise once a month in summer or slow release in spring