Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food 1kg


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  • This high potash feed helps to ripen tomatoes, onions and other vegetables, as well as producing stronger plants and brighter blooms.

    Utilising Vitax’s revolutionary organic nutrient delivery system (ONDS), Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food provides a unique combination of amino and humic acids for longer lasting effects.

    Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food:

    • Formulated to increase flowering and improve flavour

    • Achieves results fast

    • Can be used on crops, flowers and lawns.

    Applied using a watering can or hose-end dilutor, Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food is ideal for hanging baskets, tubs and bedding plants.  Start feeding from planting and use as a weekly feed or at every watering.

    If using for feeding tomatoes, use in place of ordinary watering after the first flowers have set and throughout the season.

    Leeks, onions and other vegetables also benefit from Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food. Simply feed the soil or growing media in place of normal watering from the end of June onwards to increase yield.

  • Key Information:

    • NPK 14-7-28

    • Trusted by professionals

    • Unique formula provides faster and longer lasting results than other feeds

    • Can be used on crops, flowers and lawns

    • Each 1 kg box makes up to 1200 L of feed when diluted