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Pelargoniums - An Overlooked Stalwart

Pelargoniums - An Overlooked Stalwart

We don’t think Pelargoniums get the respect they deserve, yes they’re a little bit old fashioned and usually come in bog-standard colours; but what’s wrong with that?

Like most plants that are now staples of any UK garden centre, the Pelargonium or Geranium was a favourite of the Victorians, but were around long before Vicky hit the throne.

Their story begins way back in the 16th Century when seeds were collected from South Africa and passed around the European horticultural scene.

Pretty much every country from France to Holland to Great Britain had their hand in collecting and recording different types of Pelargonium in botanical journals. French botanist Charles Louis L'Héritier managed to catalogue 90 species in Aiton's 'Hortus Kewensis' (1789), which was published after his death.

When South Africa came under British rule the collection of Pelargoniums became a little bit difficult, which forced horticulturalists in continental Europe to experiment with hybrids. The Dutch flower traders were the most successful, finding that certain varieties could flourish within colder climates. So successful in fact, that we still buy our Geraniums from Dutch growers to this day.

They’re a great way to add a bit of instant, classic colour to window boxes or provide entertainment whilst nurturing on a windowsill throughout the year. We usually have loads in stock throughout the summer within our bedding plant range, both the standard and trailing varieties.