Landscaping + Design

Garden Design

Just moved into a new property and looking to start fresh or just bored of your existing garden? Our 'Grand Designs' featured team here at Lancaster's can take on any project big or small. 

We're happy to give advice on what plants would thrive where or to take your garden back to soil and build it up again. That includes dealing with any horticultural issues like poor soil or hard landscaping (paving, fencing, decking).

We have experience in ultra modern style gardens (Japanese, ornamental gardens, tropical plants), traditional planting and transforming any kind of cramped space that our local area has to offer (see the living wall just below).

There's also the option to use our own partner landscaping team, meaning that we can complete all jobs in house and no miscommunications take place. 

Email here with as much information as you can (including pictures) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

All initial quotations are free of charge.

Have a look below for some examples of what we've previously achieved.

Landscaping, Maintenance, Tree Services

Our partner team, Lancaster's Gardencare are specialists when it comes to the East London/ Essex area. That means they're very familiar clay ridden soils, restoring Victorian mosaic paths and cutting back overarching trees. 

They are currently available to give quotations for any landscaping, garden maintenance or tree services you may need. 

Their skills lie in the following areas: 

  • Paving and Patios
  • Turfing
  • Artificial lawns
  • Fencing
  • Tree Surgery
  • Victorian paths
  • Driveways
  • Brickwork and walls
  • Decking
  • Design & Planting
  • Raised Flower beds
  • General Maintenance 

Get in touch with them on 07903 155 751 or email with as much information as possible (including pictures).