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Top Tips for Looking After Your Christmas Tree

Top Tips for Looking After Your Christmas Tree

These simple rules will help you gain maximum enjoyment from your tree:

  • When you bring your tree home, take it out of its netting as soon as possible. This prevents mould and fungus growing in damp branches.
  • Take it outside and give it a good shake to remove any insects and needles loosened in transit.
  • Saw about 5cm (2”) off the bottom of the trunk and place it in a bucket of water, if you’re not going to put it up immediately. Make the cut perpendicular to the stem axis. Don't cut at an angle or in a ‘V’ shape.
  • Water is the single most important means of looking after your tree. An average sized fresh-cut tree can consume up to four litres (1 gallon) of water in the first 24 hours after being cut; and then up to a 1-2 litres (1/4-1/2 a gallon) every day after that, depending on its size and your home’s heating system.
  • If you have under-floor heating, then your ‘log-based’ tree needs to be placed in a bowl or tray which is always kept topped up with water.
  • Tree stands with a built-in reservoir are the best way to support your tree and keep it watered.
  • Avoid putting your cut tree in sand or soil - this reduces the amount of water it can absorb.
  • Make sure that the water level doesn’t get below about 3cm (1”) from the bottom of the trunk.
  • There is no advantage to drilling a hole into the centre of the base of the trunk - the live part of the trunk is around the edge, just under the bark.
  • Position your tree away from direct heat sources (radiators, direct sunlight, fires, etc.).
  • If your tree is pot-grown, make sure you place its pot on a dish and keep it watered.

If you have any questions, please ask a member of staff. We’re always happy to help.

Merry Christmas!

The Lancasters Team.