Olive Firewood

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The longest burning fuel with a great aroma.

Costs a little more, but you need less of it to keep your fire burning beautifully. We’ve tested this extensively in a DeFRA approved wood burner - we use around 30% fewer logs, compared to using only kiln-dried.

Green Olive source their wood from the Mediterranean region where olive wood is left to rot in abundance as a result of pruning and replanting on olive farms. As a result they have found the source of a renewable and carbon neutral fuel.

To add to that, they are kiln dried using biomass boilers as a heat source. So really are 100% sustainable.

Perfect for open fires, wood burners, fire pits, chimineas, pizza ovens - anything you might want to make fire in, in fact.

Get your fire going with a standard kiln-dried wood, then switch to olive firewood for a slow burn. The perfect combination.

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