Dalefoot Lakeland Gold (30L)

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A ‘proven claybuster’ from Dalefoot that's perfect for conditioning the heavy soils found in the gardens of London and Essex.  Using a mixture of bracken (potash + lingin) and farmyard manure (mycorrhizal fungi) to breakdown clay, what's left is a nutrient rich soil to provide you with a 'firm basis to gardening'.

Apply in the spring and autumn on to the top of your soil and ‘allow the worms to work into the beds’. It can also be used as a top dressing for plants and is perfect for use in ‘No Dig’ gardening.

  • Aerates & improves soil structure

  • Feeds naturally for 2 years

  • Peat-free

  • Approved for organic gardening

  • Vegan friendly

Based in the Lake District, Dalefoot are devoted to creating sustainable, organic and peat-free composts from renewable sources. Their products often perform better than the high street brands and they actively work to help restore mined peat bogs. What’s not to like?