Geranium ‘Rozanne’ (Cranesbill)


A perennial Geranium that’s great a border plant and will come back bigger and better year after year. They’ll flower from late spring throughout the summer and right up until the first frost, all the longer to enjoy their beautiful blue blooms just keep on top of the deadheading. This also makes them a good plant for hanging baskets, as not only will the long stems start to trail, you won’t have to maintain them so much over the summer.

Plant them in full sun or partial shade for the best results and in a well drained soil. They can withstand a good amount of heat and drought once established, so it’s pretty much perfect.

Pot Size:  2L

Current Height: 10cm

Ultimate Height/Spread: 30cm / 60cm

Life Cycle: Perennial

Position:  Full sun, partial shade

Soil: Well drained (though they can tolerate most types)

Flowering:  Spring through to Autumn