Monstera 'Swiss Cheese Plant'


The Cheese Plant, which is native to the rain forests of South America, is an indoor plant known for its attractive foliage and size. It's a plant that becomes a focal point of a room once it matures.

The holes and splits within the leaves are said to form so the plant survives well within it's natural rain forest habitat when strong winds and heavy downpours (I mean very heavy) appear. Leaves without these cuts and holes would get broken easily because of their size and the force of the weather conditions.


Commonly known as: Swiss Cheese Plant, Mexican breadfruit, Ceriman

Horticultural Name: Monstera Deliciosa

Origin: Native to southern mexico but has been introduced into several tropical areas.


Nursery Pot Size(s): 14cm

Current Height: 40cm

Ultimate Height: Up to 2m

Light: Bright, indirect light will enable the best growth but it will tolerate shadier spots.

Watering: Every 10-12 days, make sure the top layer of soil is dry. Keep soil moist, never soaking.

Additional Info: Air Purifying, Not pet safe.

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