Niwaki Gardening Gloves

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When Niwaki do gardening gloves, they do not mess around. We've found that these are some of the best fitting gloves that any of us at Lancaster's have used and you'll probably see one of us wearing them around the shop.

They're designed to take care of the more sensitive gardening jobs such as pruning, planting or potting up. Try to avoid any hardcore activities like clearing brambles though, or picking up anything sharp for that matter.

Each size correlates also to it's own colour.

Niwaki's guide to finding your size (not colour) is as follows : 

Measure across the middle of your hand (at the metacarpophalangeal joints, obviously) in cm to find your size. 7cm = Size 7 (Small), 8cm = Size 8 (Medium) etc.) We recommend moving up a size if you’re caught in the middle, although some people prefer a tighter fit.