Shropshire 100% Organic Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser (1L)

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Our best seller and highly recommended organic plant feed. 

Pure Ascophyllum nodosum: the universally renowned stimulant of plant growth and soil bacteria, encouraging strong root growth with no chemical additives or supplements.

It's applicable to any plant in your garden or home when mixed with water at the rate given on the table, which you'll find on the side of the bottle. That can be 2ml to 1L for houseplants or 5ml to 1L for lawns, a little goes a long way here.

Plant Rate Frequency
Vegetables, herbs, chillies, tomatoes, potatoes 0.2 %  Every 10-14 days
Flowers 0.3 % Every 5-7 days
Trees 0.4 % Every 7-10 days
Hedges and Shrubs 0.3 % Every 7 days
Hard and Soft Fruits 0.25 % Every 7 days
Houseplants 0.2 % Every 5-7 days
1ml per square metre,
or 2ml per square for amenity or recovery
0.5 % Every 28 days